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Glasses and cell phones collection

Glasses and cell phones collection 2019

Our parish also wants to make a contribution to avoiding waste. That is why the GLASSES and MOBILE PHONE collection campaign will take place again in autumn:

We collect “old glasses” again (also case, sunglasses ...). These are forwarded by us so that they can be professionally distributed to people in need in poorer countries.


We forward old cell phones to an environmental foundation so that the valuable raw materials they contain can be recycled.

Old glasses and cell phones can be returned to the church or the rectory after the services during the opening hours. From Sunday October 20th until the end of 2019 - Thank you!

Thank you for your contribution to our collection. About 40 cell phones and 200 glasses were collected in our glasses and cell phone collection. We send the glasses to “Eyewear Worldwide”. There, the frames and lenses are reworked for people in countries who cannot afford glasses. We will send the cell phones to Deutsche Umwelthilfe. There the cell phones are properly disposed of and the raw materials are removed.

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