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Church service in St Michael

Guide through the service

The liturgy who leads through the service can be the pastor or a preacher
Our divine service essentially adheres to the divine service order G1
of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria.

But since there are always small deviations in the details from parish to parish,

we have a little guide for you through our worship service

St. Michaels Church in Gochsheim put together.

You can download it here and insert it into your personal hymnbook. Otherwise you can find it in the hymnbooks we have provided, glued to the front of the cover page.
If you do not understand something, please speak to the pastor or the lecturer or preacher about it after the service.
We wish you a blessed service in our parish St. Michael in Gochsheim.

Ringing the bells - music at the entrance


L (iturg): In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

G (municipality): AMEN

Greeting in free form

Entrance song

Confession of sin

L: Introduction

G: Almighty God have mercy on us. He forgive us our sins and lead us to eternal life. AMEN

L: Pledge of grace


Entrance Psalm


L: Kyrie eleison. - G: Lord, have mercy

L: Christe eleison. - G: Christ, have mercy

L: Kyrie eleison. - G: Lord, have mercy on us


L: Glory to God on high

G: and peace on earth, a pleasure to people

G: Singing to the Gloria

Only God on high be honored / and thanks for his grace, / because now and never / we can no longer move. / God is pleased with us; / now there is great peace without ceasing, / all feuds are now over.

Opening prayer

L: The Lord be with you
G: and with your mind

L: (The liturgy usually introduces the prayer with the words: " Let us pray " ).
The congregation stands up to prayer and remains until after the faith
confession stand


Reading (Epistle or Old Testament)

G: Hallelujah (sit afterwards 4 times

Gospel reading

G: Glory to you, gentleman
G: Praise be to you, O Christian

(EG p. 1150) (place afterwards)



Sermon Song - Thanksgiving Offering


Intercessory prayer (stand up)

Vater unser

Sendung und Segen

Schlußlied (dazu bleiben wir stehen)

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