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Children's service

Our children's services always begin in church with a nursery rhyme.


Then we pull out of the
Church out, into the youth center, ....


... to celebrate church service there together.


Your children are important to us

Often there is no longer any religious upbringing in the everyday life of children.
This is often due to the many offers that life has to offer today, or
the lack of time that we adults still have to bring up children in everyday life

However, belief is extremely helpful in coping with life. Because faith gives stability
and confidence and the feeling of not being alone.

Through our children's worship service, the little ones can experience faith.
This also includes our prayers of supplication and thanksgiving at the beginning of the children's service.
It is important to us that the children express their personal concerns freely.
This type of prayer is very popular with our children.
Songs and biblical stories are also an integral part of our children's worship service.

Of course, creativity shouldn't be neglected either, which is why we often design different ones
Things that fit the biblical theme or re-enact biblical scenes.

It is important to us not only to convey religious content, but also to exemplify Christian values.
The child must experience that they are loved and respected,
so that it is able to appreciate and love its fellow human beings, animals, plants and nature.
We hope to support them as much as possible in their religious upbringing.

Why children's church service

Children's service opens the world of faith,
or accompanied into the world of faith.

Children are in the middle because Jesus put them there.
In this midst, they are accepted and taken seriously.

Children celebrate in their own way with all their senses; With
"Heart and mouth, with hands and feet".

Children (like adults) need (faith) communities, a home where they can develop cultural identity and grow in their spirituality.

Children have a right to a religion that has been lived and celebrated
becomes and thus a right to children's worship.

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