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Up to now it has been customary in our church congregation for us to receive the blood of Christ from a common large chalice at the Lord's Supper. Be it that we drank the wine or the grape juice from it, be it that we dipped the wafer in it.
There is another way of receiving the blood of Christ: through individual chalices. These are small goblets about 5 cm in size. Everyone who takes part in the sacrament receives a goblet that only he or she can drink from. Then the goblet is collected again on a tablet. The advantage is that practically no pathogens can be transmitted from one person to another in this way. The disadvantage is that with the many individual goblets, the idea of ​​community that we all drink from one goblet and are connected to one another in Christ is less expressed. The church council is currently dealing with this question, whether we consider this to be a good way with the individual chalices and whether we want to introduce this here for our congregation. Many other churches have single goblet sacrament. We would like to try out what that could look like. In the near future, we will be celebrating the sacrament this way from time to time. Please give us feedback on how you feel. There will be a box in the church in May where you can drop a sheet of paper with your opinion. Until then, if we celebrate with individual goblets, wine or grape juice in very simple plastic cups. If we decide to introduce single goblets, we will be advised on the acquisition of more valuable and more appropriate small goblets.

Please tell us what you think about it! Talk to a church leader or pastor or write us your opinion by email or on a slip of paper and put it in the box in the church.

W. Stumptner

Supper with single goblets

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