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Recertification of the Green Gockel

Report by Erich Deppert

The only item on the agenda of the Green Gockel Initiative of the Evangelical Parish: The recertification of the St. Michael Church. That was celebrated with pizza and drinks. Accordingly, the meeting was not so determined by the Rules of Procedure. Joy and a little pride about what had been achieved could be heard in the speeches. The “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme” (EMAS) was developed by the EU in 2009. In the same year, the Evangelical Church recommended the introduction of environmental management systems such as the green rooster (by the way: in northern Germany it is called the “green rooster”). The Gochsheimer St-Michael-Gemeinde was already there in 2010. The first certification was in 2012. Personal friendships and contacts have been a good one right from the start


Cooperation with the parish of Niederwerrn. Nice that Michael Dümpert from the Niederwerrners was present at the small certification ceremony and was able to report on the status of the recertification from his parish.

The energy saving results of the first certification were significant but of course the savings cannot be continued indefinitely. A boost in motivation to tackle the recertification again was the prospect of a significant increase in subsidies for the upcoming church renovation by the regional church owed to the Green Gockel.

Everyone in the GG team has found their place and area of ​​responsibility, their "playground". Maria Öters is leaving the GG team because she is changing privately and professionally. Special thanks to Erich Waldherr, who contributed his engineering knowledge and a lot of time, and of course to the manager / coordinator / engine Andrea Steinruck, who succeeded Emmi Sengfelder.

The first environmental statement was available as a booklet. If you want to read the current one: open the website “Evangelische Kirchengemeinde St.-Michael Gochsheim”, click on the “Preserve Creation” button in the menu bar on the home page and then click on “Environmental Statement”. or click this link

Erich Deppert

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